Private & Group Sessions

Choose to have lessons with one of your friends or with a group of 3 or more. Our Language Mentors will utilize a curriculum that meets the language needs of all members

Immersion Groups

An Immersion Specialist will work with a group of 5-6 three times a week for six months. Every week consists of classroom sessions and immersion activities. Immersion Specialists will contact members everyday and utilize a variety of activities and skills that will help a beginner turn into an advanced speaker

Small Business & Corporate Services

A Collaborative Mentor will make a visit to assess the needs of the company and will develop a personalized lesson plan accordingly. A la carte and on-call services are also available

Translator & Interpreter Services

Need a document interpreted or a phone call/meeting translated? Our Language Mentors will be available as is determined by the need of your company. On-call services as well as in person and  phone options are available

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